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A.M.I. Massarenti was established in Milan in 1953 by Massarenti family, that still today, on its third generation, controls and manages the company. A work carried out from over fifty years with a company filosofy based on quality, punctuality and commercial reliability , which mainly operates on a market needing quick deliveries, and sees in the capacity of adaptation to any specific clients’ inquiries and in the care of all details, the key of the continuous success of its products.

From generation to generation we have engaged ourselves to give the best possible service to our clients, mixing sense in choices and even-mindness in decisions, always offering the greatest honesty in the commercial relations, both with customers and with suppliers, deeming it the only way which can vouch for a serious continuity of the company.

After having operated for a long time in the field of production of mechanical equipments, in the first 70ths our company assumes a more precise turn to the petrochemical field, specializing itself in the production of metal anchors in stainless steel, carbon steel and other alloys such as Inconel 601.

Besides the main activity we manufacture small metal parts for general purposes, mainly in small and middle quantities, and following a precise trend of the market, we have begun in the latest years to produce stay and tie-rods for parabolic antennas and telecommunication plants; these latest achieved always to client’s specifications.

The present production includes: metal anchors of every kind for petrochemical, industrial and/or ceramic furnaces; anchors for castables, plastic and refractory linings; sectionary supports for refractory masonry; anchors for ceramic fibres, washers, quick fixing clips and ceramic cuplocks, stay-rods for antennas, tie-rods, U-bolts and small metal part for general purposes: all details are manufactured also to the client’s specific drawing.

In 2003 our catalogue, having had and editorial line unchanged in the years, as a proof of the continuity of our project, has been completely renewed and adapted in the contents; it includes drawings and technical specifications of each part, mainly achieved to the client’s technical specification and even to his drawing.

The realisation in 2003 of the Internet site has been achieved by referring to the globality reached by the market and it is a further way to make easy the contact both with all firms that for the first time approach to our production reality and with our customary clients that can immediately become acquainted with all possible up-to-date information about our production.

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A.M.I. - Massarenti - Ancoraggi Metallici Industriali