A.M.I. - Massarenti was established in Milan in 1953 by Massarenti family, that still today, on its third generation, controls and manages the company. A work carried out from over fifty years with a company filosofy based on quality, punctuality and commercial reliability , which mainly operates on a market needing quick deliveries, and sees in the capacity of adaptation to any specific clients’ inquiries and in the care of all details, the key of the continuous success of its products.
From generation to generation we have engaged ourselves to give the best possible service to our clients, mixing sense in choices and even-mindness in decisions, always offering the greatest honesty in the commercial relations, both with customers and with suppliers, deeming it the only way which can vouch for a serious continuity of the company.
After having operated for a long time in the field of production of mechanical equipments, in the first 70ths our company assumes a more precise turn to the petrochemical field, specializing itself in the production of metal anchors in stainless steel, carbon steel and other alloys such as Inconel 601

Warehouse hours

morning 08:00 am - 12:15 pm

afternoon 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Ami Massarenti

Our metal anchors

  • Metal anchors of every kind for petrochemical furnaces and tunnel type furnaces for ceramic
  • Hooks and bars for suspended arches
  • Anchors for castables. Plastic and refractory linings
  • Anchors and hooks for anchoring insulating and refractory brickwalls
  • Sectionally supports for refractory masonry
  • Anchors for fixing rockwool layers
  • Adjustable supports for pipes
  • U-Bolts, rolled and blank pieces, small metal parts for general purpose
  • Anchors and parts are also made following to customer's specifications

Anchors for cement kiln

Hooks for suspended vault

Threaded studs, eye-bolt, U-bolts

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Where we are

A.M.I. - Massarenti S.r.l.
Via Antonio Fratti 19
20128 Milano (MI) Italy

Phone: +39 02 2720 0934
Fax: +39 02 0225 66949

WhatsApp: +39 370 3226259